Student Management

  1. The student management can now maintain comprehensive record of every student getting enrolled in different streams in an education institution. Maintaining records like personal details along with photographs of students, previous school details, birth and other educational documents, guardians’ detail, admission in which streams and standard etc., would be no more a tiring task.

Admission Management

  1. The software manages admission process of new as well as old students in simple steps. Online registration of students, verifying and shortlisting applications online, submitting admission forms along with fee, etc., are few of the tasks which can be performed with ease.

Fee Management

  1. Comprehensive and robust data about fee management of any institution with SchoolEye can be prepared in nick of the time. Preparing trackers of how many students paid fee on time, mode of payment, outstanding fee, scholarship obtained by students, generating fee challan, etc. would be a child’s play with this software.

Employee Management

  1. Manage employee data precisely and flawlessly with information like employee’s leave, job designation, grade, department, subjects, years of association including personal information.

Attendance Management

  1. Check irregularities in students’ and staffs’ attendance through SchoolEye. Managing and maintaining students as well as staff attendance accurately, obtaining details regarding national holidays, leaves availed by students and staff is one of the tasks which software can perform with ease.

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