Employee data.

Deal with all your HR managerial activities from a solitary, focal area. Inquiry employees, set top choices, see association trees, and break down steady loss reports - all from the dashboard.

Save your time through this feature.

Accurate HRMS accompanies highlights that enable representatives to refresh their own information, and ranges of abilities, log times, and check-in/out.. Chiefs can get to all information about subordinates, have control on endorsements, leave the board, and even track time for employments.

Leave Management

Streamlining representative leave the executives gives you a brilliant chance to handle various worries in a solitary stroke. It dispenses with occupied work engaged with leave organization and representative subsequent meet-ups, sparing time and exchange costs. At the point when your organization's leave strategy is authorized reliably, it improves straightforwardness and representative fulfillment. leave the executives programming computerizes everything from leave bookkeeping, stipends, to period shutting exercises.

Employee Compensation

Compensation is the payment for an employee. When an employee is contributing in any organization or company in the form of work, He or she is then paid for the same, which is called compensation. There are different types of compensation paid to the employees. Few examples of the compensation are :- Base pay (hourly or monthly salary), commissions, overtime pay, retirement plans, health insurance, life insurance, paid leave for vacation and sick days, and other non-cash benefits like travel/meal/accomodation etc.

Employee Pay Process

Pay process includes few steps which are – payroll calculation, statutory compliance, payroll accounting, payout. Payroll calculation calculates the net payment after deductions of taxes and other payments. Statutory compliance is all the deductions like PF, TDS etc. All the deduction amount is to be finalized before the joining of the employee to the company. Payroll accounting is to keep a record of all the financial transactions of the organization. Payout is the last process of the pay process. Payment can be paid through cash, cheque or bank transfer whichever is more convenient to the organization.

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